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Why It Doesn’t Make Sense For Ohio To Mandate Twenty More School Days Each Year

An interesting article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Lawmakers Question 20 More School Days, written by Jon Craig, starts, “Ohio House members from both political parties are questioning the wisdom of extending the school year.” “Questioning the wisdom.” I like that … Continue reading

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Throwing Money At Public Education Is Not The Answer, System Change Is Needed

Thomas Friedman in his column printed in the Dayton Daily News today advances, what sounds to me, a really dumb idea. Friedman says that federal income taxes should be eliminated for all public school teachers, “so more talented people would … Continue reading

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John Goodlad Says Public Must Agree On “The Democratic Purpose Of Public Schooling”

John Goodlad has written an essay — “Judging the Bush Years: Well-Educated or Much-Schooled?” — that analyzes and criticizes the No Child Left Behind campaign of the Bush administration. Goodlad says that although NCLB is obcessed with testing, it fails … Continue reading

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