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In Dayton Tomorrow, Sept 1, Rally Will Urge Local Congressman To Support New Taxes On Wall Street

Tomorrow, Sept 1, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm, there will be a rally in front of Congressman’s Mike Turner’s Office at 120 W. Third St. in Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of the rally is to urge Ohio’s 3rd district congressman to … Continue reading

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Three Charts Deflate Criticism Of Obama’s Handling Of Economy — When Compared To Bush’s

Blogger Dave Johnson has posted three interesting charts of the economy that shows that the harsh criciticsm of President Obama’s handling of the economy is unfair — particularly when compared to George W. Bush’s handling of the economy. Johnson writes, … Continue reading

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The Right Wing’s “Twisted Version Of History” Denies Racism Hardly Ever Existed — Says History Prof

How is it that the political interests of white poor people, like “Joe the Plumber” are seen as identical to billionaires like Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch? According to an article by history professor Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, “How Conservative Myths … Continue reading

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