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The MCDP Should Target These Forty Precincts For An Intense GOTV Effort

To generate the list of Top forty precincts for a proposed Montgomery County Democratic Get Out The Vote effort, I manipulated a matrix that contains a lot of voting data for each of Montgomery County’s 360 precincts. I loaded this … Continue reading

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Democrats Should Challenge Republicans To A Get Out The Vote Contest

I’d like to see the Montgomery County Democratic Party challenge the Montgomery County Republican Party to a Get Out The Vote contest. I’m working on drafting a proposal for the Central Committee to consider that outlines a contest between the … Continue reading

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When To Lawyer Up – Workers’ Compensation

When Should You Ask For Help? When Should You Call A Lawyer? Any time you’re in a dispute with the insurance company, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. You will need to gather evidence in order to … Continue reading

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