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Congressman Mike Turner’s Failure To Explain His “No” Vote Is More Evidence Our Democracy Is In Deep Trouble

According to Congressman Mike Turner’s press secretary, Congressman Turner has not made any official comment about his recent “No” on the big stimulus plan just passed by the House of Representative. And, the press secretary is uncertain if any comment … Continue reading

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Governor Strickland Fails To Explain Impact Of 2005 Tax Reduction Act On Ohio’s 2009 Budget Shortfall

I’m mystified why Governor Strickland, a Democrat, in analyzing Ohio’s current budget crisis, completely ignores the impact of the Tax Reduction Act implemented via complete Republican domination in 2005. This Tax Reduction Act was phased in over a five year … Continue reading

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Governor Strickland Offers Five Point Plan To “Build Ohio’s Education System Anew”

Governor Ted Strickland, dedicated a big part of his State of the State speech today giving details of his five point plan to “build our education system anew.” Strickland said, “The plan is based on a very simple premise: we … Continue reading

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