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For “Our Success As A Nation,” We Don’t Need STEM, We Need CITIZEN Education To Build Our Democracy

Dayton PBS stations repeatedly show 60 second ads praising local efforts in STEM education. I get a kick out of the fervency projected by the teachers on these videos. Why is “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” education so crucial? One … Continue reading

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Public Taxes To Finance Religious Schools, Ohio HB136, May Incite Wider Debate About Church Tax Breaks

The push of Ohio House Bill 136 to transfer public tax money from public schools to private religious schools is sufficiently outrageous that it may well incite closer public scrutiny of how tax money, in general, is used to support … Continue reading

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Seeing The Big Picture: Friedman’s Question About Education — “How About Better Parents?”

Thomas Friedman’s recent NYT column about public education, “How About Better Parents,” cites the conclusions of recent studies that the quality of parental involvement is a key factor in a child’s academic success. Hardly big news, Friedman’s said in his … Continue reading

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