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Should Turning Ohio BLUE Be Our Objective?

I’m going to a meeting this evening of a group called Blue Ohio. Its website says that the mission of the group is to: “Motivate a strong majority of Ohioans to vote for Democratic candidates in local, state, and national … Continue reading

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Because Technology Will Bring Hard Changes To Our Economy, Civics Education Will Become More Important Than STEM 

Technology / science has given humans power that at one time would have seemed God-like. Imagine how the practices and productivity of modern farming would seem to our ancestors. This capacity for wealth creation is growing exponentially. A factory one … Continue reading

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Ted Strickland Should Make Focus Of Campaign His Fight To Repair And Strengthen Our Constitutional Democracy

I’m a Ted Strickland fan. We are both graduates of the Asbury College. What follows is part of a letter that I recently sent to his campaign. (Below the letter is a record of my history of urging candidates to make … Continue reading

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Using the NKS To Evaluate President Obama’s Ohio State Commencement Speech on Citizenship

A revealing scale by which to judge goals and speeches that lately I’ve been applying is what might be called the North Korean Standard (NKS)— as in: Could this proposal for school reform be made by the Educational Ministry of … Continue reading

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Local Control v Special Interest Control — Who’s In Charge Of Kettering Public Schools?

In Kettering, during this time of economic recession, the fact that the public is being pushed to approve a new 6.9 mill school tax issue raises the question: Who is in charge of Kettering Schools? Kettering Schools’ anticipated budget shortfall … Continue reading

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If Pro School Tax Message Is Given Platform At School Meetings, Should Anti Message Be Given Equal Time?

According to Kettering’s School Superintendent, Jim Schoenlein, in his memo to the Kettering School Board, in previous levy campaigns, Kettering school officials did not address school gatherings and events to build levy support. Schoenlein says he is changing this policy … Continue reading

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