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In Mont. County, All School Districts, Except Oakwood, Will Lose “Excellent” Rating — If SB-316 Is Adopted

If the new school evaluation system outlined in Senate Bill 316 is approved, most of Ohio’s school districts will be downgraded. In Montgomery County, under the current system nine public school districts are rated “Excellent” or “Excellent with Distinction.” With … Continue reading

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“Workers Face A Wage Deficit, Not A Skills Deficit” — Says Lawrence Mishel Of Economic Policy Institute

Those who pay the fiddler call the tune and the tune we keep hearing again and again is that if only corporations had more freedom, less taxes, things would be better. And, we keep hearing that the main problem with … Continue reading

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Let’s Reject Phoney Ideas About Prosperity And Start Discussing The Future Of The Working Class

The political scene is full of phoney arguments about how to build prosperity. A realistic discussion of the future of the economy is needed and a good beginning point would be an agreement on some basic facts. Agreeing on the … Continue reading

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