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In Education, How Do We Accomplish More — While Spending Less Money?

The video below shows a program organized by the Fordham Foundation and conducted at Cleveland State University on March 14.  The title of the program was “Doing More With Less In K-12 Education — A Timely Discussion For Ohio” Doing … Continue reading

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In Kettering, Older Residents Voted At About Three Times Rate Of Younger Residents In 2010 Election

The graphs below show the voting pattern in Kettering, Ohio for the 2010 election. Each graph shows the total universe of registered voters in Kettering and shows how sub-groups voted, or failed to vote. The universe of all Kettering registered … Continue reading

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Kasich Balances Ohio Budget By “Seizing $2 Billion From Libraries, Local Governments And Schools”

In this You-tube video, Zach Schiller, the research director of Policy Matters Ohio, discusses Governor Kasich’s budget proposal. The organizer of the program is Dan Moulthrop, the “curator of conversation” for a northeast Ohio organization called the Civic Commons. I’d … Continue reading

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