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DDN Gives Harris Two New Strong Endorsements; Democratic Insiders Attend Winburn’s Fund Raiser

Democratic Chair Mark Owens must be gritting his teeth. Today’s Dayton Daily News, on its editorial page, gives Victor Harris — the candidate not endorsed by the Montgomery County Democrats — two new and very strong newspaper endorsements. These endorsements … Continue reading

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Victor Harris: Surprised That Local Democratic Party Wanted To Suppress Primary Competition

It came as a surprise to Victor Harris that, in order to seek the 40th Ohio House District Democratic primary nomination, he would need to buck the Montgomery County Democratic Party. Yesterday, The Dayton Daily News ran an article, “Township … Continue reading

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Blair, Young, and Winburn Are All Too Busy To Debate

Terry Blair, who is seeking the Republican nomination on March 4 to run as state representative in the 38th Ohio House District, let me down. Based on a previous conversation with Mr. Blair, I thought he would welcome the opportunity … Continue reading

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OH40 Democrats Harris / Winburn and OH38 Republicans Blair / Young Challenged to Debate

Today, I wrote the e-mail below on behalf of Grassroots Dayton, the non-profit organized by Mike Robinette. It will be interesting to see what the response will be. Mr. Tom Young and Mr. Terrence Blair (38th District Candidates) Mr. Vic … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders To Bush Budget Director: Where is Moral Justification for Tax Breaks to Billionaires?

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, on February 5 questioned Budget Director Jim Nussel about the new proposed Bush budget.  The transcript was posted here. Senator Sanders:  Mr. Director, as I’m sure you’re aware, the United States has by far the … Continue reading

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Reich Says America Needs to Use Tax System to Transfer Wealth From Top Earners to Bottom Two-Thirds

Robert Reich, writing in the New York Times, recommends that we use the tax system to transfer wealth from top earners to earners in the bottom two-thirds of income.  Reich says, “The binge seems to be over. We’re finally reaping … Continue reading

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