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Burger King Forces Cut in Pay For Florida’s Migrant Tomato Workers

An interesting article in the New York Times by Eric Schlosser tells how Florida, because of pressure from Burger King, is rescinding the meager one cent raise per pound given to migrant tomato harvesters in 2005. The article says, “THE … Continue reading

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Our Democracy Must Be Revived — If We Hope To Achieve The Dreams of Our Wisest and Best

John Dewey said, “What the best and wisest parent wants for his or her own child, that must the community want for all of its children.” Dewey hit philosophical gold when he came up with that one sentence. It is … Continue reading

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Few Candidates Have Returned Petitions to Run For Montgomery County Legislative Seats

With only about one month remaining before the filing deadline, there seems a lack of candidates seeking to be elected to represent Montgomery County in Ohio’s Legislative Assembly. The lack of candidates seems surprising because all but one of Montgomery … Continue reading

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Bill Moyers, At Four Freedoms Ceremony: We Need To Rekindle FDR’s Passion For The Poor

Bill Moyers gave the following remarks at the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute’s twentieth-anniversary Four Freedoms ceremony, where he received the Freedom of Speech award. The remarks below were printed in The Nation Thank you for this recognition and the … Continue reading

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When Everything Is Restored

The Titanic movie was on TV recently.  The Titanic tells about possibilities that could have been, but, instead were destroyed — what could have flourished, but instead went to the bottom of the sea. The Titanic makes us think of … Continue reading

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What Is The Education That Matters?

Senator Chris Dodd, at the Democratic Candidates’ Debate in Los Vegas last night, made the strongest affirmation of the importance of education of any of the candidates. Dodd identified education as “the most important issue,” and said, “Every other issue … Continue reading

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