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Republican Convention Reveals Mitt Romney’s Daring Strategy — Tell Blatant and Bold Lies

Paul Ryan, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, didn’t write his speech to the RNC — anymore than Sarah Palin wrote hers. A national political convention is like a movie production. It is all scripted. The Ryan speech was written and rewritten and … Continue reading

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Mr. President, What Are Your Administration’s Plans To Prepare For The Coming Singularity?

“Mr. President, by 2045 computers will be billions of times more intelligent than humans. They will have the capacity to create unlimited wealth and to create a society that needs little human labor. How will your administration help the American … Continue reading

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The Destiny Of Character

Phillips Brooks was 30 years old in 1865 when he delivered his sermon on the death of Abraham Lincoln saying,  “The more we see of events, the less we come to believe in any fate or destiny except the destiny … Continue reading

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