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Last Year, Kettering Schools Promised “ZERO Tax Increase” — But, School Taxes Increased By 2.34%

Last May, Citizens for Kettering Schools advertised the 6.9 mill tax renewal as “ZERO Increase In Taxes,” and spent about $13,200 on a successful campaign. Letters sent home to parents of Kettering students said, if the levy passed, there would … Continue reading

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PAC Supporting Kettering Schools’ Tax Levy Campaign Doesn’t Pay State Sales Tax — Election Records Show

According to the Finance Report, filed at the Montgomery County Board of Elections, “Citizens for Kettering Schools,” a registered Political Action Committee (PAC), in the 2009 campaign didn’t pay sales tax on items it purchased. Here are six invoices. All … Continue reading

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Superintendent’s Memo Says Kettering Voters Will Agree To 6.9 Mill Tax — To Give Students A “Competitive Edge”

Kettering’s School Superintendent, Jim Schoenlein, in his March 5 memo to his administrative staff and board members, gives three reasons for voters to support Kettering Schools new 6.9 mill tax levy. And, he reports, “we are preparing our first glossy … Continue reading

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Should Christians Boycott Glen Beck?

It turns out that some conservatives not only think that government shouldn’t seek to advance social or economic justice, they think that religion should not work for social justice either. Conservative spokesperson Glen Beck is urging Christians to refuse to … Continue reading

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Robert Reich Urges New $$ For Schools — Says Human Capital Is More Important Than Financial Capital

Robert Reich in his article, “Bail Out Our Schools,” makes the case for making a big infusion of tax money into our system of public education. He compares financial capital to human capital. Reich says that the reasons that justified … Continue reading

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What Divides “Liberals” And “Conservatives” Is The Central Question Of System Purpose

The framework I’m hanging my hat on, so to speak, is “systems’ thinking.” A systems’ thinking problem solving framework is neither Conservative, nor Liberal. It is scientific. What divides individuals who consider themselves “Conservatives” from those who consider themselves “Liberals,” … Continue reading

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