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Kettering’s 6.9 Mill Renewal School Levy Asks Voters To Authorize A Possible Tax Increase of 12%

This article summarizes the key points in my previous article. Kettering’s school levy advertisements give erroneous information.  The ads wrongly promise  “ZERO Increase In Taxes.” The current “effective tax rate” for this 6.9 mills levy is 6.162 mills.  By approving … Continue reading

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Kettering Schools Are Wrong To Promise That The 6.9 Mill Renewal Levy Will Result In ZERO Increase In Taxes

Kettering City Schools are asking voters to vote “Yes” on May 5 for a 6.9 mill renewal levy. The yard signs, around Kettering, say, “Vote YES, May 5, Kettering City Schools, ZERO Increase In Taxes.” This advertisement, to me, says … Continue reading

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Sometimes, God Gives Us Great Favors

Monday, April 20, my brother-in-law and long time friend of 50 years, Jim Dunaway, Associate Minister of Centerville Methodist Church, passed away. His obituary and details of his visitation and funeral can be seen here. We all knew that Jimmy’s … Continue reading

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The First Allegiance Of Grassroots Tea-Baggers Should Be To Make Our Democracy Work

I made it to the big Dayton Tea Party yesterday for part of the Court House Square rally, but left early.  I missed the Seth Morgan finale.  Big crowd. I finally found a parking spot at Democratic HQ on Wilkerson.  … Continue reading

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Vic Harris: The Tea-Bagger Tax Protest Lacks Substance, Conservatives Lack Good Ideas

Vic Harris sent me this article. Vic’s previous post can be read here. Conservatives around the country will conduct “Tea-bagger” protest parties on April 15th — Tax-day. Historically, the Boston Tea Party’s central complaint was not just that the British … Continue reading

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Mark Owens Says Most Montgomery Dems Approve The Party’s Suppression Of Primary Participation

Mark Owens, Chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, was the guest speaker this evening at the South of Dayton Democratic Club meeting. We had about seventeen members in attendance. Mark gave a nice analysis of elections in Montgomery County … Continue reading

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