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Because Technology Will Bring Hard Changes To Our Economy, Civics Education Will Become More Important Than STEM 

Technology / science has given humans power that at one time would have seemed God-like. Imagine how the practices and productivity of modern farming would seem to our ancestors. This capacity for wealth creation is growing exponentially. A factory one … Continue reading

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To Help Our Constitutional Democracy Get Out Of Its Deep Hole, We Need The Zeal, Energy And Idealism Of Youth

I like the story about two economists on a walk who fell into a deep hole. One economist asked, “How will we get out?” The other answered, “I’m going to hypothesize a ladder.” Trump has revealed that our democracy is … Continue reading

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Education In 2046, Chapter 1: Congress Demands That Schools Develop Human Intelligence

When my great-great niece Anna is 19, in 2030, according to Ray Kurzweil, author of, “The Singularity Is Near,” she will be entering adulthood into a world stunningly different from what it is today. Five years ago, 2030 seemed a good target … Continue reading

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