Progressive Democrat Bill Conner May Run For Congress From The Newly Formed 10th District.

Note: After writing this post, in response to my message urging his candidacy, I received this Facebook message from Mr. Conner: “ Mike,Sorry for the slow response. I was in Hillsboro laying brick. Thanks for the confidence. I would rather support another good candidate in 2012. I’ll run if no one who I can support steps forward. Bill”

The good news for Dayton Democrats is that it appears that Bill Conner. — the progressive Democratic candidate who opposed Steve Austria — will now live in the new 10th district. It appears Conner will offer a high quality choice for 10th district Democrats to select as their congressional candidate. According to his web-site Conner intends on seeking the Democratic nomination. I’ve tried to reach him by home to confirm his intention, but have not spoken with him yet.

The information on Mr. Conner’s web-site is impressive. And his facebook comments are impressive too. He shows thoughtful progressive positions on issues and he has great credentials and a great life story. My own judgment is that voters are ready to hear a progressive candidate and the Democrat for the 10th district should speak boldly. I like the fact that Mr. Conner has the guts to say, “Class Warfare Is Here.”

The 3rd Congressional District used to be Democratic. Dayton Democrat, Tony Hall, represented Dayton in congress from 1978 to 2000. But, after the 2000 census, the Republicans controlled the redistricting process and redrew the 3rd District to include heavily Republican areas — Clinton, Highland, and Warren Counties. So, for the last five elections, (2002 – 2010) the 3rd District has been owned by Republican Mike Turner.

The Democratic Party has had trouble fielding a good candidate. In two of those elections — 2006 and 2010 — the original Democratic candidate withdrew and a special election was required to field another candidate. The last special election resulted in the nomination of an especially nonviable candidate, a 25 year old student, Joe Roberts.


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  1. Rick says:

    More hate from the left. It is insane to assert that the right wing has complete control of the media. Just because large corporations own different media does not mean this is conservative control. The head of GE, which I believe owns NBC is a BIG Obama supporter.

  2. Eric says:

    Rick, I was hoping to draw you to a previous comment:

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