My Five Answers To The League Of Women Voters Emphasize Transparency, Planning For Future

The League of Women Voters is now showing their video of the five Ketttering Board candidates on Channel 21.  It was taped at the MVCC building on Alex Bell last week.  In the program each condidate speaks five times — in rotating order:  An opening statement, separate answers to three different questions, and a closing statement.  This video shows my five responses.

Part of the theme I am attempting to develop in the campaign is the importance of transparency, so, in this video, I decided to set a good example and talk about issues the other candidates avoided — the need for a new tax next year, the teachers’ raise, etc.  Staying quiet, avoiding transparency, is usually considered the smart choice.  It seems voters who disagree are quick to punish, while voters who agree are slow to reward.

My best response, I believe, is my answer to the third question, in which I say that Kettering Schools should not be content to simply play catch-up with the top districts, but, Kettering should be a leader in education and should redefine the purpose of public education, away from the current academic tests and toward a whole new definition of excellence.

Somehow the sound and video are not in synch. The new iMovie has the tools to make the correction — but I don’t think I’ll take the time to try to redo the whole thing.

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