Joe Biden Urges Dayton Democrats To Double Efforts These Next Four Days

It was a good rally

I attended the Joe Biden rally today in Kettering, only a few blocks from my home, at the local high school in the same arena that hosted John McCain just this last Monday. The rally was lightly attended — maybe 1500 people or so. But, by very enthusiastic people.

After he spoke, Biden waded into the crowd to shake hands.

After he spoke, Biden waded into the crowd to shake hands.

John Sweeney, President of AFL-CIO

John Sweeney, President of AFL-CIO

Biden started on a wrong note by mispronouncing “Kettering,” — saying “Kittering” But he launched into a rousing speech that hit on all the themes he and Barack Obama have been hammering. He emphasized that we can’t take four more years of the failed Bush economy and that McCain would continue Bush’s policies. Biden said that the current financial crisis, the Wallstreet bailout, was simply “the final verdict of the last eight years.”

A Sarah Palin look-alike fit appeared with shopping bags from high priced stores on her arm

A Sarah Palin look-alike appeared with shopping bags from high priced stores on her arm.

Biden said that even in this Halloween season it is unbelievable that McCain would think he could dress up and appear to be “an agent of change,” that such a costume just doesn’t fit. Biden said that Bush will be judged harshly by history for how he has squandered so many opportunities. He quoted Bob Carey who said that McCain has no credibility anymore as a “maverick,” that McCain has totally supported Bush in his wrong policies, that it makes no sense for McCain to call himself a maverick, when for the last eight years, to Bush, he has simply acted as a sidekick.

Prior to Biden’s arrival, John Sweeney urged his listeners to work hard these next four days to turn out the vote and to defeat McCain. He said that “no state in the union has suffered more than Ohio under George Bush,” and gave these statistics: under Bush, Ohio unemployment has gone up from 4.1% to 7.2%; the typical family’s income in Ohio has decreased by $2300; health care premiums have increased by 50%. He warned that under McCain and Palin there would be more of the same. Sweeney said that his union is working hard for the election of Obama.

Introducing Biden was his wife, who told of Biden’s loyalty to his family and his motivation to take the train to Washington and back every day. Mrs. Biden said she has been in education for over 27 years and still teaches at a community college. She said that when she earned her doctorate in education, her husband placed a sign in their yard that read, “Welcome to the Home of Doctor and Senator Biden.”

Biden concluded his speech by asking his audience to “Imagine an America.” He gave many examples and spoke of how America must live up to its promise. He brought the audience to its feet, challenging them to double their efforts these next four days. The crowd continued to cheer until Biden’s conclusion.

It was a good rally. I noticed a lot of people signing up to help Get Out The Vote.


Andi Eveslage, Democrat candidate for Ohio House District 37, shakes hands with her Dad. Dr. Eveslage is retired from the University of Dayton. Andi’s Mom is in the foreground. I’ve gotten to know these nice people from attending the South of Dayton Democrat Club. Andi claims that her parents, as active Democrats, have had the opportunity over the years to shake the hand of a lot of aspiring presidential candidates and that those whose hands they shake always win. She is hoping that that magic touch will work on Ohio House races as well.

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6 Responses to Joe Biden Urges Dayton Democrats To Double Efforts These Next Four Days

  1. Patrick says:

    The communist Prarie Fire book by William Ayers lists as it’s dedication a host of radical personalities, among them Sirhan Sirhan the guy that killed Robert Kennedy.Obama’s Mentor was Frank Davis a well-known communist radical.
    Obama Sat in a radical church for 20 years that he said he went to twice a month but didn’t know was radical. Oprah left after a couple years to preserve her interests.There is also a controversy as to Larry Sinclair’s claims of gay sex, drugs and murder regarding Obama.
    Obama first claimed that William Ayers was just a guy in his neighborhood until greater connections surfaced such as him serving on the woods fund board with Ayers, administering grant money at $50,000 a pop that Ayers had gotten from the Annenburg project. Obama wrote a positive blurb on an Ayers book. Michelle Obama asked Ayers to speak at an event. Ayers wife Bernadine Dohrn bought the property next to Obama’s for full price then sold a piece of that property for $100,000 to Obama to extend his property rendering the other part of her property unbuildable on. At the time she was only making $38,000 a year. Obama launched his political career at a party in Ayers home.
    Obama got his house at $300,000 under value in a deal from political fixer and slum lord Tony Rezko, and at a price below the normal interest rate.
    Obama was close friends with radical PLO anti-semite Rashid Khalidi. They had dinners at his house, Obama’s kids had been babysat by them. Obama attended a dinner in celebration of Khalidi with Ayers and Dohrn in attendance that include anti-semitic speech.
    Obama has sealed his college records from inspection. You would think someone would be proud of those accomplishments. Percy Sutton says he was asked by his radical ex-black panther friend to write a letter to get Obama into Harvard.
    Obama claimed he was never a Muslim but a report done by inside edition clearly shows his school record in Indonesia listing him as Muslim.
    Obama paid an affiliate of the radical group ACORN $800,000 to get the vote out for him. Obama once worked for ACORN and helped them to pass motor voter legislation in Chicago. Obama first claimed he never had any association with ACORN.
    Obama is undergoing recent lawsuits asking that he provide his original birth certificate for proof of citizenship verification. He refuses to do so casting doubt on his legitimacy to be president.
    Obama became senator by default since the other opponents dropped out for various reasons.
    Obama claimed in 2004 that he would not run for president in this election because he was not qualified. His VP choice Joe Biden said “we don’t have time for on the job training” about him. Bill Clinton says Obama called to ask what he should do about the economy after the wall street crisis. Obama insulted our military by saying they were flying around bombing villages and killing civilians. Obama told a country that has nukes (Pakistan) that he would go in to get Bin Laden if they did not get him. Obama called Iran no threat, just a little country. Afghanistan is a little country that caused big problems. Obama’s VP pick said Obama would be tested in some planned terrorist attack in his first 6 months in office. Obama stopped to knock on doors in a neighborhood and Joe the Plumber asked a question that got the infamous Obama reply about spreading the wealth around. Because Obama’s answer to that question did not look good for him, Joe then had his personal records accessed, his garbage gone through and was subjected to personal attacks.

    With all the lies, hiding of information and dubious associations why would anyone want to put this guy in charge of the country?

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow, so Ayers had something to do with Prairie Fire? Cool. I remember that book from back in the 1970s.

  3. Undecided says:

    I have been looking for information about Andi. Her website is a bit vague. Mike can you tell us who Andi is married to and where she works. The Dayton Daily article was favorable to her, with the exception of a lengthy criminal record, but I can’t find out more biographical information. Please help this undecided voter.

  4. Mike Bock says:

    Undecided, The DDN article indicated that Andi has a couple of misdemeanor charges on her record. Evidently, Andi found herself in an abusive relationship; she became a victim of domestic violence and at that time made some bad choices in her use of alcohol. It’s hardly fair to say, as you do, that this period in her life constitutes, “a lengthy criminal record.” Andi has never been a criminal. I didn’t know Andi at that obviously difficult time in her life, when these misdemeanors occurred, but I do know her now, and I have complete confidence in her. Andi says that her overcoming this difficult time in her life made her a wiser and better person. I am impressed with her outlook. She is a very quick study, very bright, empathetic. Her life experiences give her insight. She is a caring person. I know she would be a conscientious and competent representative who would be a hard worker in the office and represent her district well. I live in the 37th District, and she has my vote.

    I don’t know Peggy Lehner, but, I do know that she is a loyal Republican and, I’ve heard that she has views that put her to the right of most Ohio Republicans. I do know that Republicans completely dominated state government for 12 years or more, until 2006 when Gov Strickland was elected, and completely ran the State of Ohio into the ground. In my judgment, anyone who is paying attention would vote against all Republicans running for state office. I develop that thought in this blog: Republican Ohio Assembly Candidates Must Be Punished For Ohio’s Decline.

    I believe that Andi has her own business that involves working with small businesses to help create and maintain record systems. But, I don’t know the details. I know that she is unmarried at this time.

    The DDN is their article provided this information about Andi:

    Born in Dayton and grew up in Kettering.

    • Graduated from Fairmont West High School in Kettering. She majored in Speech Communications and Theatre and graduated from Bowling Green University.

    • Her father Sylvester Eveslage was a Chemistry professor at the University of Dayton. Her mother Mary Eveslage was a Nursing Instructor for both Sinclair Community College and Miami Valley Hospital and was also an administrator for the hospital’s School of Nursing. She is the youngest of four children. She has two older sisters and one older brother.

    • Divorced with one 16-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.

    • In the late 1990s she said she opened up a small business in California that provided acting workshops and allowed actors to network. She closed the business in 2003.

    • President of the South of Dayton Democratic Club and member of The Society of MayFlower descendants, Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society of Magna Charta Dames and Barons, and Dayton Branch of the NAACP.

  5. Undecided says:

    Thanks for that insight. I am glad there is a candidate with children in our local schools. I hadn’t heard her speak about her children, so thanks for that information. My apologies for the “lengthy” comment, her court record listed a DUI, a public intox and a few other misdemeanors. Lengthy is the wrong word, multiple drug and alcohol related incidents better describes her history.

    Thanks again for the information.

  6. Mike Bock says:

    Wow, Undecided, you had me going there. In my previous reply to your assertion that Andi Eveslage has “a lengthy criminal record,” I took you at your word that you are a real person, an undecided voter wanting more information to help you make up your mind, and I answered your comments as truthfully as I know how.

    Now, your second comment clarifies the matter. You’re obviously are not a real person at all, but have assumed a persona in order to slime Andi. First your nonsense accusation that Andi has a “lengthy criminal record,” now your ridiculous assertion that her history is all about “multiple drug and alcohol related incidents,” identifies your motives. You are obviously not “undecided” at all; you most likely are an active member of Peggy Lehner’s campaign.

    I am a real person using my real name, but you obviously have no interest in my analysis or comments. If you want to be a shill for Peggy Lehner, you should at least identify who you are. You provide a good example of why newspapers refuse anonymous letters. You, no doubt, would be embarrassed for your neighbors or friends to know that you could make such bone headed, goofy, unfair, partisan based accusations, so you hide behind a pseudonym.

    It is fair to consider every part of a candidate’s history as a means to help evaluate one’s voting decision. Andi is very open about the difficulties of her past. Of course we want our representatives to have good character and good judgment. I know that Andi has excellent character and excellent judgment.

    Let me repeat what I said above, Andi says that her overcoming this difficult time in her life made her a wiser and better person. I am impressed with her outlook. She is a very quick study, very bright, empathetic. Her life experiences give her insight. She is a caring person. I know she would be a conscientious and competent representative who would be a hard worker in the office and represent her district well. I live in the 37th District, and she has my vote.

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