I Met A Hillary Voter Who, At This Late Date, Is Still Undecided Between McCain and Obama

I met a man this evening who says he is still undecided. Worse, this voter claims that if Hillary Clinton were on the ballot, she would have his vote, but he still has reservations about Obama. Yikes.

I was distributing door hangers for Andi Eveslage, Democrat candidate for Ohio’s 37th House District where I live, and this undecided voter told me, yes, he usually votes for Democrats and tomorrow would vote for Andi, but that he hadn’t decided yet between Obama and McCain.

Wow. An undecided voter. Supposedly, at this late date, at least 4% of voters are still undecided. It seems impossible, but they do exist. I’ve been wondering who in the world these undecided voters might be and here I discovered one in my own neighborhood.

I diplomatically said that it was hard for me to understand how a Hillary supporter could become a McCain supporter. “Well,” the man said, “I’m in the military, and I’m concerned that Obama will want to leave Iraq too quickly.”

I replied that Obama is a thoughtful person, that he knows that how he handles Iraq will have a huge impact on his whole presidency. I said that Obama obviously wants to be a successful president and that his character indicates that he can be counted on to handle the whole matter with care and competence. I said, if anything, I would expect Obama to offend some Democrats by moving out of Iraq too slowly. I said, on the other hand, McCain’s history, and comments he has made, indicates that he would want to use the military too freely. I said it very much bothered me that McCain said that even if he had known that Hussain had no WMD’s, he would still have favored a military invasion of Iraq.

I left this military man with the question of who he might vote for still up in the air. I left wondering what this man really thought, what had influenced this Hillary supporter such that, at this late date, he was still debating between McCain and Obama.

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