Grassroots Dayton Meeting To Be Held At Oakwood Library on Thursday, May 29

The Grassroots Dayton meet-up will be held at the Oakwood Library, 1776 Far Hills, on Thursday, May 29, starting at 5:00 PM. Anyone interested in knowing more about Grassroots Dayton, or in helping this organization meet its goals, is urged to attend. You may find out details of the meeting, see who has signed up to attend, and sign-up to attend the meeting at this Meet-Up web site.

Grassroots Dayton is a not-for-profit 501C(3) organization with a great purpose: “to promote the development of citizen democracy in the Dayton region.” This is a huge goal, and Grassroots Dayton is developing plans for how to accomplish this goal.

The May 29th meeting will focus on discussing ideas outlined in this article: “How Grassroots Dayton Can Build Democracy By Building Community,”

As outlined in this article, at the May 29th meeting we will be discussing how:

  • a Grassroots Dayton internet web-site might work to create “citizen councils” that will work in cooperation with elected officials,
  • short video projects can be defined and encouraged,
  • a video festival might be organized and what it might include,
  • neighborhood community meetings for this September and October can be organized where candidates can attend and meet voters,
  • a specific fund raising idea might work to not only raise funds for Grassroots Dayton projects, and at the same time help other community groups raise funds as well.

In addition there will be plenty of open ended opportunity during the meeting for attendees to give their insight into other ideas of how Grassroots Dayton might work to fulfill its mission.

Creating a cutting edge web-site is key part of the vision for promoting citizen democracy. A Grassroots Dayton web-site already exists, but the goal is to greatly enhance this site. Posted on this site is my article, Grassroots Dayton: “Sowing The Seeds Of Democracy,” which gives an overview of the goals for Grassroots Dayton.

You may be wondering how you can best help your democracy and your community. Many people are tired of exclusive partisan approaches and are looking for non-partisan opportunities. Here if your chance to get on the ground floor of helping to build an organization that has the potential to make a big impact in Montgomery County. The way forward is through vitalizing our democracy, it is through unity. Grassroots Dayton is a nonpartisan group that seeks to help strength democracy via education and via the creation of venues that encourage meaningful communication and in-depth understanding. Please consider attending this meeting to find out more about how Grassroots Dayton can be a valuable component of and help to the democracy in Montgomery County — and how your talents and energy can be focused on bringing a vision of renewed citizen democracy to reality.

If you can’t make the meeting at 5:00PM, but can come later, please join the meeting when you can.

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