Gov. Strickland Blasts Kasich’s Opposition To Accepting $400 Million To Build A New Train System In Ohio

Ted Strickland, Ohio's governor, speaking to reporters at the UAW in Dayton on August 6, 2010

Ohio’s Governor, Ted Strickland, was in Dayton today at the UAW union hall on Alwildy Ave, close to Edwin C Moses Blvd.  About 60 people were in attendance. Strickland gave a short speech making the case why he should be reelected and why the election of his opponent, Republican, John Kasich, would spell disaster for Ohio.

Strickland said that it seems incredible that Kasich opposes Ohio using $400 million in federal money to create an improved rail system, but that just yesterday, Kasich went on record as saying that, if elected, he would refuse the money.

About the Ohio’s new rail system, Business Week quotes Kasich as saying, “It’s not going to happen when I become governor, OK? If you want that train, I hope you can get over that and vote for me anyway, but you’re not going to get that train.”

Strickland said he is surprised, as well, that John Husted, Kettering resident, former Speaker of the House and candidate for Secretary of State, also opposes the rail plan.  Strickland said that he imagines that Husted would normally favor such a plan but that he simply is loath to give a Democratic governor credit.

Kasich has disparaged the train plan, claiming that the trains will have an average speed of only 39 MPH.   Strickland said Kasich’s claims and criticisms of the plan are ridiculous. Business Week confirms Strickland’s view.  It writes, “Ohio’s plan, one of 13 stimulus-funded rail projects in the U.S., calls for a startup service to begin in late 2012, with four trains reaching speeds of 79 mph connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.”

Dayton is positioned to hugely benefit from a train system that would include Dayton stops, Strickland said. And, he said, his hope is that the cars for the new train system will be built in Ohio and that, since he expects train development to be a big part of the nation’s future, building train cars could be a significant future source of new jobs for Ohioans.

To his union audience, Strickland said that both he and Kasich were in Congress when NAFTA was approved, but where Kasich voted “Yes,” Strickland emphasized that he voted “No.”  Strickland said that if you want to see the jobs that Kasich has created — you need to go to China. Strickland also pointed out that he voted “No” to giving China most favored trade status, but Kasich voted “Yes.”

Strickland said that not only did Kasich vote to approve NAFTA, he then also voted against the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act that provided resources to workers who lost their jobs — because of the unfair trade practices.

Strickland emphasized that both he and Kasich, by their votes and actions, have clearly established what they value and he said the differences are striking.  He said, it is all in the record.

To see a You-tube video of Strickland’s speech: Gov. Strickland To Dayton’s UAW: “I Am Honored To Be Part Of You. We Are In This Together”

Gov Strickland with supporters at the Dayton UAW hall.

Gov. Strickland with Mike Watters, Democratic candidate for the Ohio House, District 70 (Greene County). Mike is opposing the first term Republican incumbent, Jarrod Martin.

L-R: Clayton Luckie, Democrat representing Ohio's 39th OHD; Kevin Clemons (with back to camera) of ClemCorp; Gov. Strickland; Roland Winburn, Democrat representing Ohio's 40th OHD

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