Gingrich Blames Liberal Politicians For High Gas Prices

Newt Gingrich is leading a petition drive to “Drill here, drill now, pay less.” Gingrich says that “This is the politician’s energy crisis. ” He says,”the price of oil is as high as it is today because for years liberal politicians have lock up energy in the United States.” Gingrich says liberals have blocked new nuclear reactors, blocked the wide use of coal, blocked drilling in Alaska, blocked off shore drilling and have refused to allowed shale oil to be developed.

Gingrich’s web-site claims, “Over the past 13 days, over 300,000 Americans have signed a petition calling on their government to act immediately to ease high gas prices. These concerned Americans have sent a simple, powerful message to Congress: Drill here, drill now, pay less.”


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3 Responses to Gingrich Blames Liberal Politicians For High Gas Prices

  1. T. Ruddick says:


    Burn more fuel, dimwits. You’ll burn a hole in your pocket regardless of prices, and you’ll foul the nest by pumping greenhouse gas into our planet’s atmosphere.

    The “drill here, drill now” advice is hideously ignorant. We could suck all of North America’s oil reserves dry and we’d not satiate the addiction for fossil fuels that hooks our citizenry.

    Burn less now, burn a lot less later, is the more intelligent response. Newt and his like-minded morons need to be shouted down loudly.

  2. Dear T. Ruddick,

    Why do you hate America? You obviously hate the free market and the oil industry. I would guess that you drive a hybrid… which still uses oil products as in gasoline for the engine, grease for the bearings and oil to cool and lubricate the engine.

    You are the dimwit. You bought into the myth that we are contributing to global warming when, in fact, it is the sun’s activity (along with precipitation) that controls our global temperature. Read Roy Spencer’s book. It has nothing to do with OIL.

    Drill here and drill now is a sound economic policy which would create jobs in the US instead of sending them overseas. And what, we should drill in every country but our own and suck their reserves dry? And in the process we are held hostage by you environmentalists and the shieks of OPEC on the price of oil.

    Like all environmentalists, you are loud, but you are about to meet your match. You are in the minority and have gotten away with your policies because you are louder than the general population. But as gas prices rise, people are beginning to see what your rabid politcs have wrought, and the tide is turning. This petition is just the start.

    Guys like Newt are heroes who are willing to look at the problem and search for a solution. We can not conserve our way to energy independence. Morons like YOU need to be shouted down… EVEN LOUDER!

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