Democratic Opponent Condemns Boehner’s Refusal To Seek Earmarks For Lake St. Marys As Lack Of Leadership

Justin Coussoule, Democratic candidate seeking to be elected to congress to represent Ohio’s 8th District, is outraged at the lack of federal help for Lake St. Marys’ residents and is calling on the current 8th District congressman, Republican leader, John Boehner, to, “For once, do your job.”

Coussoule, on his blog, urges Boehner, “Fight for federal dollars to help pay for the cost of cleaning-up Grand Lake St. Mary’s and eliminating the sources of contamination to the lake. Help save people’s businesses, their communities and possibly even lives.”

Lake St. Marys is in Boehner’s district and earlier this year it was discovered that a new and toxic algae was growing and proliferating in the lake. The algae produces a deadly toxin that causes liver damage to humans. It is killing fish and pets and causing a lot of distress to area residents who miss the dollars of tourists who are going elsewhere. The increasing toxicity of the lake is causing an economic disaster in the Lake St. Marys’ region.

Boehner says he has never asked for earmarks for his district and refuses to consider seeking an earmark for Lake St. Mary’s. Coussoule is emphasizing that in this election voters should hold Boehner accountable for his refusal to bring in federal dollars, and he is saying that the disaster at Lake St. Marys is just one example of where Boehner has failed to help his district.

Coussoule writes,

You are the representative for the federal government on this issue. Start acting like it! You are the House Minority Leader with 20 years in office, yet you refuse to lift a finger to help Celina and the surrounding communities in the wake of the ongoing crisis in Grand Lake St. Mary’s.

You take your own constituents for granted and have all but anointed yourself the next leader of the House, yet you refuse to lead on important issues affecting the lives of the people in the 8th District.

Lake St. Mary’s is turning toxic because of the runoff from neighboring farms of animal waster. According to this article, “Grand Lake straddles Mercer and Auglaize counties, and the 58,000-acre watershed around the lake is home to the largest number of swine farms in Ohio and the second largest of cattle and calf farms. According to 2007 statistics from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Mercer County has 169 swine farms and 453 cattle and calf farms. Auglaize County has 86 swine farms and 252 cattle and calf farms.”

Coussoule says that Boehner’s stand against earmarks is “disingenuous.” He writes, “It is disingenuous because he’s only against them for his own district, but has voted for countless dollars for other districts across the nation. Boehner won’t fight for federal dollars to help find a solution. Instead, he’ll hide behind his empty stance and instead spend his summer recess everywhere BUT the 8th District, as he embarks on his 30 state bus tour to listen to everyone but his own constituents. This is not leadership. This is the total and complete absence of leadership.”

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3 Responses to Democratic Opponent Condemns Boehner’s Refusal To Seek Earmarks For Lake St. Marys As Lack Of Leadership

  1. Marc says:

    20 Years of Nothing from Mr. Boehner. Enough is enough. SW Ohio needs REPRESENTATION. Thanks for your concern Mr. Coussoule, you have a dozen families on our Fairfield cul de sac that support you 100%. And many more we have talked with feel the same way about Boehner.

  2. Enough already says:

    Then why does he keep being voted back into office? Please make sure to talk to everyone you know who wants this useless drunk out of office to make sure they get out and VOTE for Mr. Coussoule! Boehner affects more than just your district being minority leader. He is the lead “NO” in the house. The entire country has had enough. Vote him out!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Justin Coussoule was on the Ed Shultz’s show on MSNBC Monday night. Here is a copy of an email I sent Ed in response.

    Ed said he will run Coussoule’s political ad everyday he receives emails from people requesting it.


    Dear Ed,

    My wife and I live in the 8th Congressional District in Ohio. As you well know John Boehner is our Representative.

    John Boehner leads the “Party of No” in the House of Representatives and lately as the “Party of Hell No”.

    We recently met an impressive young man from Ohio who is running against Boehner at great sacrifice to himself and his family. His name is Justin Coussoule from Liberty Township, Ohio. Justin has an impressive resume as you know. He offers the first credible, if probably impossible, challenge to beat Boehner.

    Boehner obnoxiously brags about his massive war chest, obtained mostly from outside donors, and how he never does anything for the primarily Republican 8th District. (No earmarks)

    Boehner’s obvious plan is to spend very little on his own race and use his huge access to money for helping elect other Republican candidates, either Ohio State wide or national. This would help make him the next Speaker of the House, if the Dems lose the majority, with many Repugnants owing him.

    The thought came to us if all Boehner haters, nationwide, were to seriously back Coussoule, and I mean with potentially millions of dollars, it would force Boehner to spend his money to protect his seat instead of spreading it around. And who knows Coussoule may even beat the filthy bastard.

    This seems like a real opportunity to us, but it will take a national effort by all progressive thinking Americans.

    Please keep up the good work exposing Boner and highlighting Justin Coussoule.

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