Democrat Steve Byington Seeks Election To Ohio House To Represent 37 th OHD

Steve Byington is the Democratic candidate seeking election to the Ohio House of Representatives from the 37th District. Mr. Byington spoke at the South of Dayton Democratic Club on May 12, held at Wright Library, and I recorded his short speech on my video camera. (See below.).

Byington is an architect. He is an active Oakwood citizen, a member of Oakwood Rotary, Oakwood Planning Commission, and Oakwood City Council. At the Council’s January meeting, Byington was chosen Vice-Mayor of Oakwood.

On his web-site, Byington writes, “I’m not sure people know, or ask, what my party affiliation is. They just know me as someone who’s willing to listen to all sides and work hard for solutions that will best serve all the stakeholders. That’s the kind of bipartisan approach—not just lip service, but real, practical outreach—I believe Ohioans want and deserve from their legislators. As I campaign, I want to hear from everyone in the District, regardless of party affiliation.”

In order to win the 37th District, Byington must convince a big block of voters who previously have sent Republicans to the State House to switch their vote. In 2008, the 37th was an open district because the incumbent, John Husted, was term limited. Byington’s opponent in this contest, Republican Peggy Lehner, in 2008, received 65% of the vote and her Democratic opponent, Andi Eveslage, received 35%.

Byington says his campaign will emphasize three topics: job creation, education, and “government itself.” He says, “i’m frustrated with everyone’s frustration with government.” He says the current Ohio Assembly is not focused on solving problems and he will go to Columbus “to get something done.”

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