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Author, E. Jarecki, Urges Obama To Use Dwight Eisenhower As His Example Of Presidential Leadership

Interesting interview with Eugene Jarecki on The Real News web-site. Jarecki talks about ideas in his book, “The American Way Of War,” and, his book, “Why We Fight.” Jarecki expresses a lot of admiration for Dwight Eisenhower’s warning of the … Continue reading

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Teacher Dismissed For Pushing Creationism, But Poll Shows 12% Of Science Teachers Do The Same

Interesting post on the Madrigal Maniac site this morning, “Witness Called by the Defense Hurts Freshwater’s Case,” responds to the latest news about the dismissal hearing for a Mt Vernon teacher, John Freshwater. Freshwater is a ninth grade science teacher … Continue reading

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Rick Steves, Travel Expert, Says Americans Should Learn From Europe’s Socialism And Outlook

I’ve enjoyed watching a PBS travel show, “Rick Steves’ Europe.”  Its moderator, Rick Steves, has a great disposition, and shows great insight and thoughtfulness. Steves has been a world traveler for many years and recently he summarized a lot of … Continue reading

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