Wow. A dahlia is the most spectacular flower. It’s great to have flowers that only begin to bloom in late summer. While other plants are winding down, the dahlia is just getting started. It continues to bloom until frost. This year my plants seem especially large (five feet tall and better) and healthy. They must like the weather — the rain and the coolness of this summer.


I got interested in dahlias maybe twenty years ago when I noticed a dahlia garden as I was traveling on Route 48. The garden was just north of Lebanon, and a sign by the road advertised cut flowers. I had never noticed flowers so beautiful. The next spring, I bought a few roots and every since I’ve been growing dahlias. The Lebanon garden was part of a mail order business of long standing called The Golden Rule Dahlia Farm. It is now long gone. I feel a little sad every time I pass by the place it used to be. I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but he passed away some time ago. I now buy new roots from a great company in Michigan called The Hamilton Dahlia Company.

I need to get a new camera that will capture more detail. I’m still using a digital camera I bought forever ago.







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