Shown is County Prosecutor Matt Heck (in the front and in the middle) with his staff. Twenty members of the Prosecutor’s office were elected to the MCDP Central Committee and are eligible to vote at the MCDP Reorganization Meeting on June 6.


Seventeen of the 138 Democrats that were elected on May 8 to serve on the MCDP Central Committee work at the County Prosecutor’s office. This includes the prosecutor, Matt Heck, who was elected to be represent Centerville 1-B.

I’m wondering how such a large group emerged from Mr. Heck’s office and I wonder if they intend on voting as a block. In the wake of the Fairchild / Ward endorsement fiasco, the big issue for the MCDP is transparency. The MCCP endorsement of Rev Ward was bad politics, but the kicker to this bad decision is the fact that it was done in secret. There is no record of how individuals on the Central Committee voted.

My Email To Matt Heck

Mr. Heck:

I googled the name of each of the 138 Democrats recently elected to the MCDP Central Committee. You can be proud that more employees in your office have volunteered to be a Precinct Leader and to serve on the Central Committee than any other of the county offices. I count sixteen in total — and I wonder if I found everybody. (See list below.)

Several weeks ago, I sent by U.S. Mail a letter to all elected Central Committee members outlining ten proposed changes to the MCDP Constitution. After a good conversation with Mark Owens, I’ve simplified this list to nine items. You can read them in this post: Will The Montgomery County Democratic Party At Its Reorganization Meeting Choose To Be Transparent?

The MCDP must come to grips with the Fairchild / Ward debacle. The notion that a group of insiders would endorse one well-qualified Democrat over another well-qualified Democrat — and then spend party funds to force their choice on voting Democrats — is preposterous. Democrats are losing faith in the Democratic Party.

The key issue, however, is not that the MCDP is making ill-advised endorsements. The big problem is there is no accountability. I can’t discover who on the Central Committee voted to endorse, who voted against endorsing and who didn’t vote. If the MCDP continues to make decisions in secret, it does not deserve support.

As an influential voice in the community and in the MCDP, I hope that you will take a stand for transparency. I am going to make a motion for a roll-call vote on proposed changes to the MCDP Constitution. Sarah Greathouse is preparing a printed ballot to record each member’s vote so this will be an efficient way to have a record of each member’s vote.

Your sixteen employees who are Central Committee members may be looking to you for guidance. Please consider making a public statement, or a memo to these sixteen, indicating that you support a roll-call vote on changes to the MCDP Constitution. We need to leave the Reorganization Meeting as a united group. If we can’t agree on transparency then we will leave as a divided group.

Thanks for your consideration.
Sincerely, Mike Bock

Kettering 4-J

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