In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost Montgomery County to Donald Trump by only 893 votes (Out of 261, 989 votes cast).

We know that Democratic turn-out is the key for Democrats to win elections and the question for the Montgomery County Democratic Party is finding a way to increase turn-out in the strongest Democratic precincts in the county.

For the entire county, turn-out was 70.3%, but, Democratic precincts had a lower turn-out than the average and Republican precincts had a higher turn-out.

Hillary won 116 precincts of the 360 precincts in the county. The turn-out for these 116 precincts was 62.4%. 

Trump won 244 precincts and in Trump’s precincts the turn-out was 73.4%.


Comparing the Top 40 Precincts

The forty strongest Democratic precincts voted for Hillary at an amazing rate of 94.8% — Turn-out in these strong Democratic precincts was 62.1%

The forty strongest Republican precincts voted for Trump at a rate of 76.1%  — Turn-out for these strong Republican precincts was 74.7%

So, here is the calculation:  If the 40 strongest Democratic precincts had voted at the same turn-out percentage as the 40 strongest Republican precincts, 4,552 more votes would have been those strong Democratic precincts. If these additional votes also had matched the rate for this precincts — 94.8% for Hillary — the Democratic ticket would have had a net gain of 4078 votes.

The 40 Strongest Democratic Precincts (In Descending Order)


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