Republican National Committee Letter Seeking New Donors Says Democrats Are Focused On Vicious Personal Attacks

A friend, who has never voted in a Republican Primary, is baffled why the Republican National Committee would send him a letter asking for money. I ventured a guess that maybe it’s just the fact of his financial status. I’m wondering if, maybe, this is a fishing letter that everyone in the top 5% of incomes received.

The RNC is looking for new donors and it is interesting who they are appealing to and what they are pitching.  They are looking for people who agree with Trump that Democrats are engaging in “vicious personal attacks, insults, fabrications and accusations.” They are looking for people who like to think that the Republicans are driven by the core principles of, “small government, individual freedom and strong national security.”


… We sent this to you because the Trump Administration’s historic effort to reverse the liberal tide of expanding government, high taxes, weak borders and socialized medicine has triggered one of the most aggressive attacks on our Party in memory. The Democrats campaign of vicious personal attacks, insults, fabrications and accusations is unprecedented.

And they’re now focusing 100% on the fast-approaching 2018 midterm elections. With the help of the so-called “mainstream media” and the Hollywood liberal elite, Democrats are raising huge sums to find and register record numbers of new voters for one purpose: TO STOP PRESIDENT TRUMP COLD by electing a Democrat Congressional Majority to derail everything we’ve been fighting for to Make American Great Again — from dismantling Obamacare to slashing taxes and red tape to protecting jobs to safeguarding our borders.

We CANNOT let them win. So we MUST match them voter for voter, dollar for dollar. And with the election season just months away, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT … As a freedom-loving American who shares our core Republican principles of small government, individual freedom and strong national security, you are our Party’s foundation. So please tear off and return the attached Republican Affiliation Confirmation Card today. And include your 2018 contribution …

Ronna McDaniel

Chairwoman, Republican National Committee

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