Note to Iowa Democrats: Pleeeeease, Not Hillary

Iowa Democrats, if you are thinking of voting for Hillary, in part, I understand. You are thrilled at the thought of advancing a talented and perceptive woman to the nation’s highest office. I like that thought too. And, if Hillary’s last name was Brown or Smith — anything, but Clinton — I’d be her supporter. But Hillary comes with Bill and with a whole boatload of bad feelings that are the residue of an earlier time. Do we really want a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton continuation? Can’t we move on?

Would-be Hillary voters might argue that it is cruel and unfair, but, regardless, certainly they must know that there are voters who simply hate the Clintons’ guts. This is a big block. Some in this block are Republican voters who are now ready to switch sides and vote Democratic. But never in a million years would these Clinton haters vote for Hillary.

John McCain, I believe, would probably defeat Hillary but, McCain would probably not defeat any other Democratic candidate. The point is to choose a great candidate who can win. And more importantly, the point is to choose a candidate that when elected will have the opportunity to be an effective president. Hillary, I fear, if nominated would not be elected. But if she were elected, I think her presidency would be needlessly hampered.

Iowa voters — Pleeease, not Hillary.

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