Yesterday, I took these pictures of the Northridge Wesleyan Church. My mom and dad were active members for many years and stayed active and contributing members until they passed over twenty-five years ago. I was a newborn baby when I first attended there in 1948 and I attended there as a child and through my youth for many years as an adult as well. This church always had a loving and close church congregation family. It started as a county church and the original church building was greatly remodeled in about 1965. As a teenager I volunteered to help with some of the work. I’m so sorry to see that the church buildings were heavily damaged in the Memorial Day tornado.

The church is at the corner of North Dixie Drive and Neff Road — just north of the traffic circle. Yesterday, that section of North Dixie was closed to all traffic — so I had to park the car and walk several blocks to get close to the church.

Northridge Wesleyan Church at North Dixie Drive and Neff Road


The church’s Family Activity Center directly south of the church building was severely damaged. Note the tree torn up by its roots. It was a sunset maple and last year it was beautiful. It was planted about 20 years ago in memory of my mom and dad. When I was a child this building was Trimbach’s Market that had a nice selection of 5 cent and penny candy. It later became a bar. When the church got the opportunity it bought the building and put a lot of effort and money into remodeling it for use as a family center for church events where food could be prepared and served. In recent years, the church allowed an Alcohol Anonymous group to use the facility.


The church office — at the back of the church building — was hit hard, opening up the whole side of the church building. This building was part of the big remodeling project in the mid 1960’s and replaced the church parsonage that originally stood here.  It contained the office and conference and Sunday School and Vacation Bible School rooms.




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