April 8, 2024 — four years from today — the Miami Valley will be at the heart of a full eclipse of the sun — the first full eclipse in this region in over 100 years.

Greetings. I am Albert Griggs Jr.  I’m seeking the Democratic nomination for the Ohio State Senate, District 6. I retired as an Air Force senior civilian leader. In that role, I led organizations that designed and managed complicated systems. My life has been devoted to service. I am seeking election to the Ohio State Senate to continue to serve. I believe I can win this election by providing leadership, and vision that will inspire an awakened citizenry.  (See below summary of my career of service.)

The shocking election of Donald Trump was a big wake-up call that our democracy is in deep trouble. This pandemic is a second wake-up call. The lack of preparedness of our divided and corrupt government is very disturbing. Many Republican leaning voters agree that our democracy is in trouble and that the polarization — the hatred and division within the citizenry — is a growing danger.

Fellow Democrats, I am offering the leadership and the plan that can inspire and engaged this awakened citizenry. I can win Republican votes and flip this district by showing my plan for being an effective senator of the people — all the people. I can win Republican votes by showing my plan to empower citizens and to bring citizens together in harmony. I’m calling my campaign, “The Campaign To Build A 21st Century Democracy.”

District Six has 240,000 registered voters. My goal is to create such interesting and challenging opportunities for service that at least one percent of these voters will want to become active in a “District Six Leadership Community.” The technology of the 21st century makes it possible to create a cyber space where hundreds of individuals can come together as a deliberative community.

This Leadership Community will study and debate the work of the Assembly and will partner with me — empowering me to be an effective, responsive, transparent, and creative member of the Ohio Senate. This Leadership Community will be committed to developing consensus within the group. It will write proposed legislation and will engage and inform the public. The goal is for young people to become active and creative members in this civic community and for this experience of service to prepare youth for eventual election to public office.

The goal is that Leadership Community members in every jurisdiction will organize, as a local community group, and will advance projects that inform citizens and that engage youth in civics education projects. The local groups will be networked together and will help each other to be successful.

Albert Griggs Jr. and Mike Bock — Glad to welcome Albert Griggs as a guest author today. This picture is from an event that Al hosted at the West Carrollton Library on March 7.

My campaign literature shows a beautiful picture of a total eclipse of the sun. I’m anticipating April 8, 2024 — the date when the entire Dayton region will experience a full eclipse. My goal is to do the work and provide the leadership so that, by the time of the eclipse, I can celebrate, with 2400 new friends, the light breaking through scattering the darkness. Within four years, I want to celebrate the establishment of an exemplary 21st century system of democracy in District Six, a model for the whole state.

We should learn from history. I am enjoying reading “How Rome Fell Into Tyranny,” by Edward J. Watts. Humanity suffered a great loss when the Roman republic became a dictatorship. If our politics persists in producing a divided and ineffective government, eventually, a crisis will provoke a big public outcry to end our incompetent democracy and to establish authoritarian control. If we are to preserve freedom for new generations, we must repair and strengthen our system of democracy now.

This pandemic is waking an electorate to realize that our democracy is in trouble. Worried citizens are ready to be energized by a campaign to build an exemplary 21st century democracy in District Six. Providing leadership and vision for building community and for strengthening our republic is how we can win this gerrymandered district. I have the message, the experience, and the plan. I am asking for your vote in this Democratic Primary.

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My Civil Service Career

During my Civil Service career, I managed a wide range of programs and provided leadership to organizations ranging from approximately 35 to over 3,500 government civilians, military, and contract personnel. My experience includes cross-functional positions in strategic planning, program acquisition/management, and weapon system support. I worked in staff positions at Product/Logistics Centers, Major Commands, Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition), and the United States House of Representatives.

Programs I managed:  aircraft (fixed wing and rotary wing), space (space based and ground systems), Intelligence, Weather (space and terrestrial), Missile (offensive and defensive), and the integrated tactical warning and attack assessment network.  I’ve worked with other governments on very sensitive issues.  I held a TS/SCI security clearance when I retired from the government.

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