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Paul Krugman Gives Two Reason He Supports Bailout of Auto Companies

It was interesting this morning to see George Will confidently put forth an economic theory — only to have his theory be immediately contradicted by a Nobel winning economist. Ouch.  Will probably still thinks he is right. The discussion happened … Continue reading

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Was Hamlet A Thoughtful Person?

The characteristic that most clearly defines what it means to be educated, I believe, is the quality of thoughtfulness. I’m influenced by the thinking of Abraham Maslow. I put thoughtfulness at the top of Maslow’s pyramid, along with self-actualization. Schools … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Hart Says Republicans Must Reject Bushism And Rediscover Eisenhower

Jeffrey Hart, a former editor of National Review, and former speechwriter for both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, writes that the conservative movement that backed George W. Bush “is now dead.” He urges the Republican Party to move away from … Continue reading

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Ohio Officials Wrongfully Drove Attorney General Marc Dann from Office

(Joe Sommer is the author of this thoughtful article.  Mr. Sommer is an attorney and serves as a board member of Ohio’s Common Cause.) Gov. Ted Strickland and Democratic members of the Ohio House of Representatives didn’t let the Ohio … Continue reading

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If The Ten Commandments Are Displayed In A Public Park, Why Not Display The Seven Aphorisms?

If a community accepts a gift of a large marker displaying The Ten Commandments, must it accept and display a gift of a marker with the tenets of a different religion? The US Supreme Court has decided to hear a … Continue reading

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In Exchange For Bail Out, Auto Makers Must Clean House — New Directors, Managers, Labor Contracts

Paul Ingrassia, writing in The Wall Street Journal, Detroit Auto Makers Need More Than a Bailout,says that in exchange for a bail out of Detroit auto makers, the government should insist that a completely new board of directors and new … Continue reading

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