Jocelyn Rhynard Goes Negative — Makes Crazy Accusations — Says Jyl Hall “Stands Against Our Community”

The attack flyer sent by Jocelyn Rhynard implies that Jyl Hall made, or agrees with, these anti-choice quotes. Jyl has never made comments such as these.

A candidate’s character is revealed in how he or she deals with the truth. In her latest mailing, Jocelyn Rhynard puts her character into question by distributing a flyer that makes false accusations. Jocelyn’s flyer wants readers to believe that Jyl Hall “stands against our community.” This is crazy. The evidence shows the opposite — that Jyl has worked to build and strengthen community and that in Kettering her efforts and her dedication to service has made our community better.

Jocelyn is trying to get votes by misrepresenting the truth. The big “Yes” vote for Issue 1  guaranteed abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution. Jocelyn would have voters believe that Jyl, if elected, would work to undermine these rights. This is not true. Jyl has made clear that though she personally is opposed to abortion, she absolutely will not support any efforts to change the Ohio Constitution to repeal Issue 1. On her web-site Jyl writes:  “I respect the will of the people.” She writes: “I will defend the Constitution of the state of Ohio.”  

This attack mailer implies that Jyl has been endorsed by anti-choice groups, like “Democrats For Life.” This is not true. The mailer gives outrageous quotes implying that Jyl, if elected, would support laws to “prosecute doctors and clinics.” This is crazy. 

The Democratic Primary is March 19. Three Democrats — Jocelyn, Jyl, and Willis Blackshear Jr. — are vying for the Ohio Senate / District 6 nomination. The flyer asks a good question: “Who would YOU rather have representing our community in the statehouse?”   There are two big questions to answer in deciding who to vote for in this contest: 1) Who has the best chance of getting elected in November?  2) Who, if elected, has the best chance of actually passing legislation that will help District 6 citizens?

  • If Jocelyn gets the nomination she will be hoping for a 51% victory in November, at best. With Jocelyn, a Democratic victory, if it happens at all, will be a squeaker. Jyl will get the votes of Independents and disaffected Democrats who would never vote for Jocelyn. Jyl, I’m betting, can realistically shoot for a 57% – 60% winning vote.  A strong showing in November will give our Democratic candidate credibility and strength in the Ohio Senate.
  • The Ohio Senate now has 7 Democrats and 26 Republicans. In such a lopsided group, the person whose hair is on fire with passion for abortion rights will seem irrelevant. The Ohio Constitution has already been changed and now guarantees abortion rights. The focus now should be on working with the Republican majority to advance legislation that will actually help women and children. Jyl’s demeanor, her deep understanding of poverty (the focus of her Phd dissertation) will help make her effective.


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