In The Contest For The Ohio Senate Nomination, Jyl Hall Pushes Back On Abortion Accusations

Jyl Hall, Willis Blackshear, and Jocelyn Rhynard at the “Meet the Candidates” event last Wednesday, February 21 — the first day of early voting.  Willis and Jocelyn both emphasized that they are “pro-choice,” and emphasized that even though Issue 1 has changed the Ohio Constitution, the battle for abortion rights in Ohio is not over.  The event was held at the MCDP meeting place — the union hall on Jefferson St.

With three strong Democrats vying for an open seat, Jyl Hall knew the contest for the Democratic nomination for the Ohio Senate District 6 would be rough. But, she says, she is surprised at the animosity and accusations — all about abortion. 

Jyl personally is opposed to abortion but, in this heated race, she is being outrageously accused of not valuing women’s health. Jyl says, “With the passage of Issue 1, voters overwhelmingly chose to put abortion rights into the Ohio Constitution and, regardless of my personal conviction, if elected, I will respect the will of the people and will oppose any efforts to rescind abortion rights approved by Ohio voters.” 

With the over-turning of Roe v Wade — the heated rhetoric, and the flagrant rigging of the Supreme Court by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans — abortion has polarized our political parties. Jyl’s dad, Tony Hall, served in Congress as a “pro-life” Democrat. He was known as a liberal. When Tony was in Congress (1978-2002), there were over fifty other Democrats in the US House who also were “pro-life.” Now there is only one. 

The hope for our democracy is that the Democratic Party can truly be the party of inclusion, the party of the people. The Democratic Party must be welcoming to voters, like Jyl, who personally are opposed to abortion but who support the Democratic Party’s efforts to build a fair, successful, and just society. 

I’ve received great looking flyers from all three candidates.

Jyl, as senator, will challenge Republicans for their hypocrisy of claiming to be “pro-life” while failing to pass legislation to help the children and infants of parents struggling to get by. Jyl says that the data shows that decreasing poverty by 50% decreases abortions by 30%. The Republican super-majority, in power for many years, has focused on gun rights and tax cuts but:

Jy will push Republicans to pass legislation that will make abortions less likely — legislation like increasing the minimum wage and financing early child care.

Jyl serves on the Kettering City Council and she has been a hard worker who has brought more harmony and agreement in the Council. She has shown a lot of thoughtfulness in finding ways to help ordinary citizens. She has an earned Phd dealing with poverty in Dayton. She has lived a life of service. I have a lot of confidence in Jyl.

I think Jyl, if elected, will get a lot done — because she will build a coalition of Independent voters and disaffected Democrats that the Democratic Party in Ohio so badly needs.

Each of the three candidates for the Ohio Senate has a core group of supporters, and each has the money needed for a successful campaign. The margin of victory  likely will be very small. For Democrats trying to decide who to vote for, there’s a lot to consider — but women’s heath and women’s rights should not be an issue. Jyl, of course, values women’s health and women’s rights, and Jyl can be counted on to keep her word to, “oppose any efforts to rescind abortion rights approved by Ohio voters.”

Republicans are expected to spend one million dollars, or more, to keep this district. Jyl Hall, of the three candidate, absolutely, has the best chance of winning the general election, and, Jyl, by far, has a best chance of winning with a large margin. I am voting for Jyl.

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