John McCann seems to be gaining ground in the Republican primary race, but eventually, I believe, his comments about Iraq will torpedo his candidacy. Eventually, I believe, Republican primary voters will reject McCain.

McCain says that even at the time — March, 2003 — if he had known that Iraq had no biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, he still would have advocated and supported a U.S. invasion of Iraq in order to topple Saddam Hussain. This is a pretty amazing position which reveals that McCain, rather than seeing the use of military force as the last possible alternative, sees the use of military force as a reasonable means to advance U.S. policy.

I think the key focus for many voters — including many Republican voters — in their evaluation of a presidential candidate, is the candidate’s attitude about war, and the candidate’s judgment about what constitutes proper uses of U.S. military force.

I just can’t bring myself to think that Republican primary voters will choose a presidential candidate with the views and attitudes about war and military force that McCain has clearly and uncompromisingly advanced.

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