I received a professionally produced full color handbill in the mail yesterday praising Debbie Lieberman and urging me to “Re-elect Debbie Lieberman on March 4th.” In large print is the statement, “Endorsed by the Montgomery County Democratic Party.” On the front of the handbill are several nice pictures of Debbie, one by herself, one with her and Commissioners Dan Foley and Judy Dodge and the statement, “Team Montgomery County, Working Together for a better tomorrow.”

There is no mention on the handbill about the fact that Debbie a few weeks ago was arrested for drunk driving and that the video of her embarrassing drunken encounter with the police was widely shown on local TV.

The handbill has a boxed statement printed on it, “Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman” Producing these handbills and mailing them to Democrats throughout the county, I’m guessing, must have cost the state Democratic Party something close to $30,000.

Debbie has no Republican challenger in the fall general election. She does have a Democratic opponent in the March 4 Democratic Primary, a man named Mark Anthony Newberry. I don’t know much about him, but, I’m voting for Newberry.

In the 40th Ohio House District the state Democratic Party is distributing a full color, great looking handbill urging 40th District Democrats to vote for Roland Winburn. The headlines say that Roland is the “Endorsed Democrat,” and that “Democrats Endorse Roland Winburn for State Representative.” It features pictures of State Senator Tom Roberts and State Representative Fred Strahorn along with statements of endorsements. Again the handbill includes the boxed statement, “Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman.” Producing these handbills and mailing them to 40th District Democrats had to cost something like $9,000.

Roland’s competitor is Victor Harris, the non-endorsed candidate, and Victor has been advancing a good campaign — sending two mailers to all 40th District Democrats, TV and radio ads, and door to door visits with Democrats throughout the District. A huge boost to Vic has been the unprecedented strong support of the Dayton Daily News which in several prominent editorials has urged 40th District Democrats to support Victor. This post explains.

The Empire — the Democratic Machine — is striking back. This outpouring of money from the State Democratic Party to support Debbie Lieberman is outrageous. But even more maddening is the fact that the State Party is spending money in the 40th District to promote one viable Democratic candidate over another viable Democratic candidate. The Party is corrupting the primary system and is showing itself to be corrupt — focused on promoting its own insider interests.

This $50,000, or so, that the state machine is pouring into Montgomery County for Winburn and Lieberman is wasted money. This money should be used to help elect Democrats in marginal Districts.

Word is that the Democratic Party also is organizing workers to hand out pro-Winburn literature at 100 ft from each polling place in the 40th District. The Party will pay each poll campaigner a wage for the day. I don’t know how much. This action is simply outrageous.

Victor is organizing poll campaigners to match the Party machine’s poll campaigning efforts. He needs help to make this effort successful. If you have any time on March 4 to campaign at a polling place in the 40th District — to talk with incoming voters and give out Victor’s literature — send me an e-mail ASAP at mbock@att.net. Or, leave me a message at 298-8703. I am going door to door this afternoon and I will respond to any e-mails or messages this evening. We really need a grassroots uprising to help Victor in this election effort.

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