Interesting article about the theory of evolution, “Unfinished Business,” in The Economist. The article reports, “In the United States a Gallup poll conducted last year found that only 14% of people agreed with the proposition that ‘humans developed over millions of years,’ up from 9% in 1982.”

The article says, “Since Darwin’s birth, the natural world has changed beyond recognition. Then, the modern theory of atoms was scarcely six years old and the Earth was thought to be 6,000. There was no inkling of the size of the universe beyond the Milky Way, and radioactivity, relativity and quantum theory were unimaginable. Yet of all the discoveries of 19th- and early 20th-century science—invisible atoms, infinite space, the inconstancy of time and the mutability of matter—only evolution has failed to find general acceptance outside the scientific world. Few laymen would claim they did not believe Einstein. Yet many seem proud not to believe Darwin.”

This article reminded me that Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln have the same birthday. Both will have their 200th birthday this February 12