Ohio Democrats Were Defeated In 2010 Because Too Many Democratic Voters Failed To Vote

Ohio Democrats were roundly defeated in November’s election, because too many Democrats stayed home and simply didn’t vote. A new report from the University of Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, “Mapping the Republican Sweep: the 2010 Election Results in Ohio,” shows that of registered Ohio voters, only 49.22% voted in the 2010 election. In the 2006 election, of registered Ohio voters 53.2% voted.

What killed Ohio Democrats is the fact that the decrease in voting from 2006 to 2010 was more severe in Democratic counties. The report notes,

There was, in general, less of a drop in voter turnout in the Republican-leaning western regions of the state as opposed to the Democratic- leaning eastern regions of the state. This indicates that Democratic-leaning counties had less-enthused voters compared to those counties that tend to lean Republican. It helps to explain why Democrats did so well in the 2006 state-wide contests and fared so poorly in the 2010 election.

Particularly important is the fact that young voters failed to vote. In 2008, of voters in the age group 18-29, 51% voted. And in this group 65% voted Democratic. But in 2010, of these young voters, only 20.4% voted.

From the report, "Mapping the Republican Sweep"

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2 Responses to Ohio Democrats Were Defeated In 2010 Because Too Many Democratic Voters Failed To Vote

  1. RWE says:

    Most liberals didn’t want to admit they were wrong – so rather than vote for a conservative which they knew would be the ‘right’ thing to do – they just stayed home.

    Hopefully, these voters in the age group 18-29 have seen the light and will vote to keep the American Dream alive for themselves and future generations.

  2. LRP says:

    The economy and a full running propaganda machine had more to do with Democrats (they are not all liberals)not turning out than anything.

    Have conservatives been doing the “right thing” by voting for a man who started two wars without funding them,giving tax breaks to millionaires that were not earned or paid for,wire-taping illegally,endorsing torture and lying about doing it,and lying about bring to justice the person who outed a CIA agent in his own government?

    It appears that conservative supporters are as ethically corrupted and devoid of reason as the people they vote for.
    Rome fell for the same reason.America may be in for the same experience.That is enough to make you stay home and prepare for things to get a whole lot worse.

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