Note to Esrati: Make The 3rd District Campaign All About Leadership

David Esrati is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the candidate for congress representing Ohio’s 3rd District.  The League of Women Voters has asked each of the three candidates to write a 150 word “endorsement essay statement” to be printed in the newspaper, and on his blog, David invited readers to give him suggestions for his LWV piece by writing a proposed version.  So here is my thought:

Our democracy is in trouble.  Our system is failing us.  A Congressional election is an opportunity to choose a leader — not a bureaucrat, a party man, or a politician — a leader, one who will work to bring out the best in individuals, one who will inspire and empower common problem solving.

I am known as the “Dayton blogger” and over the last few years, I’ve dedicated myself to researching and writing about the issues of our day.  As representative, I would have the resources to fully develop an internet community and, I would promise to dedicate myself to using every possible opportunity to communicate with and to educate the public.

This campaign should be all about vitalizing our democracy through effective leadership.  I have a specific plan and vision of leadership that is in marked contrast to the present void, one that will work to create authentic community.

This version is in an endorsement style:

A Congressional election is an opportunity to choose a leader — one who works to bring out the best in individuals, one who empowers the common good.

David Esrati is known as “the Dayton blogger,” and, over the years, he has researched and posted many excellent articles.  David is an expert in using the web and his web-site is the hub of a small web-based community.

Leadership is all about creating and empowering community. If elected, David would have tremendous resources available to a congressman, and, these resources would allow him to expand his small hub to include the entire 3rd District.

The 3rd District can be won for a Democrat — if people wake up to the fact that our democracy is in trouble.  It is clear: we can’t revitalize our democracy by putting our faith in traditional politicians, and by continuing business as usual.  Citizens are looking for authentic leaders.  David Esrati is the best choice.

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One Response to Note to Esrati: Make The 3rd District Campaign All About Leadership

  1. David Esrati says:

    While I appreciate your efforts Mike- I still like the ‘banditos style-
    “Everyone wants to bask in the light of freedom, but few will actively fight for it. David Esrati is one of those exceptions. When a bit of guerrilla theater landed him in handcuffs, Esrati was convinced the bust was a violation of his rights of free speech and petitioning the government. So he took the government to court and won. And won. And won. Five trips to courtrooms yielded five vindications and a mountain of legal bills. Against the behemoth of government, a guilty plea and a fine would have been the avenue of the lazy and the cheap. But freedom was not won or preserved by the indolent nor the frugal. And as a former Special Forces paratrooper, Esrati knows freedom will always be under assault. This is the metal from which David Esrati was forged; a conviction of what is right and the backbone to see it through. Can Esrati beat Mike Turner? He already has five times, since Turner, as Mayor of Dayton and financed by taxpayer money, was Esrati’s vindictive courtroom bully. As a sidebar, the Dayton Daily News absolutely hates David Esrati, which means he must be doing something right….. ”
    Other entries being accepted now:

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