K. George Kordalis Put Up $90,000 Of His Own Money To Massively Outspend Susan Solle In Contest For Judgeship

K. George Kordalis

Susan Solle

The pre-election Finance Report, filed October 22, shows that in the contest for Common Pleas Judge, the Republican candidate, K. George Kordalis, loaned his campaign $90,000 and that, by using this money, his campaign outspent Susan Solle’s campaign six to one.

The Report shows that Kordalis spent $91,058 and Solle spent $14,491.

The Report shows that Solle received $27,361 in individual contributions — almost twice the amount that Kordalis received: $15,526.

In order to have the cash needed to massively outspend his opponent, Kordalis loaned his own campaign $90,000.



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