Is Message of Economic DOOM Used To Hawk Silver And Gold?

The lead article at the web-site, The American Dream, starts, “As the U.S. media trumpets the arrival of a great ‘economic recovery’, the vast majority of the American people are completely unaware that the entire U.S. financial system is caught in a hopeless death spiral.”

Death spiral?

The web-site shows a You-tube video and introduces it with these words:

This video, “Meltup,” is probably the best video on the economic crisis that America is facing that has ever been posted on YouTube. It is just under an hour long, but it is well worth watching. After watching this video you will have a much greater understanding of the economic nightmare that the United States is facing.”

The video (see below) is impressive, professionally done. It is sponsored by the National Inflation Association and, it is pushing a specific point of view — doom, doom, and more doom.

An informed citizen should have some understanding of economics. I’d like to know more about the claims and the issues raised in this video. Its point of view seems total pessimism, and it presents a lot of facts and history to back up its point of view. But, it’s hard for me to accept total pessimism as a point of view, so, it seems to me that it is likely that this video is an exaggeration. It seems to stress the point that a deterioration of the economy will lead to the price of silver and gold increasing. I’ve got to wonder if the motive for such a one-sided outlook is to promote public demand for gold and silver. Fear is an effective motivator: Are We Afraid Enough Yet?

The message of “Meltdown” seems to be the dam is broken, save yourself. I’m thinking we need the message — let’s work together and let’s find a way to keep the dam from breaking. I’d like to see someone produce a video, with the same professionalism as “Meltup,” that would present an insight into economics that would show an optimistic view of the future — that would show a route, that we, as a democracy, could still choose to take, to a future of peace and shared prosperity.

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4 Responses to Is Message of Economic DOOM Used To Hawk Silver And Gold?

  1. john b says:

    i’m pretty sure inflation is the least of our concerns. in fact deflation is a worry of many.

  2. Mike Bock says:

    I write about deflation here. I’d like to be a better student of economics.

  3. jesse says:


    Any idea what M1 has done the past 3 years? M2? M3? Any idea about the historic correlation between the monetary supply and inflation vs deflation?

  4. Rick says:

    I am not an economist, never had a single class. But with all that debt having to be repaid, I believe the U.S. Government will have to default or print a lot of money, bringing on hyperinflation. Both of these are disastrous. We shall reap what we sowed by spending more than taxes brought in.

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