In Kettering, One Challenger Wins For School Board, One Challenger Wins City Council

In Kettering’s elections, two challengers won. Jim Brown will replace Frank Maus on the School Board and Ashley Webb will replace Frank Spolrich on the City Council.  A couple of my predictions came true — Julie Gilmore was the top vote getter for the School Board, and Amy Schrimpf was the top vote getter for the City Council.

In the Kettering School Board election, turnout at 43.3% was more than expected — 17,822 people voted, out of 41,090 possible. The top three vote getters were elected. One challenger, Jim Brown, won by a small margin — 105 votes — and will replace Frank Maus on the board. I was 1230 votes behind Mr. Brown. But, still, I can take some solace in the fact that 4481 voters wanted me to be on the board. 

I wrote here: “The best guess is that about 15,000 of Kettering’s 40,000 voters will actually vote. It may be that even if I come in dead last, I still be able to say, in the middle of an argument, things like — ‘Look, 4000 Kettering voters think I’m right.'” I would like to know who the 4481 voters are who voted for me, and I’d be interested to know why they voted for me.

I came in second in my own precinct, with 157 votes — well behind Ms Gilmore who had 191 votes.

  1. JULIE ANN GILMORE 8858 votes or 27.31%
  2. GEORGE H. BAYLESS 7577 votes or 23.36%
  3. JIM BROWN 5811 votes or 17.92%
  4. FRANK C. MAUS 5706 votes or 17.59%
  5. MIKE BOCK 4481 votes or 13.82%

For the Kettering – Council-at-Large, there were 17,792 voters who participated out of 40,571 possible. (The number is smaller than the Kettering Board election, because the school district includes some precincts not in the city council’s juristiction.) The top two vote getters were elected. Ashley Webb made a strong showing, well ahead of the third place finisher, incumbent, Frank Spolrich.

  1. AMY SCHRIMPF 7967 votes or 28.13%
  2. ASHLEY WEBB 6504 votes or 22.96%
  3. FRANK SPOLRICH 4676 votes or 16.51%
  4. ED SMITH 4448 votes or 15.70%
  5. DEBBIE WAKER 3611 votes or 12.75%
  6. TIMOTHY MARK ALLISON 1118 votes or 3.95%

Here are the addresses of the candidates for Kettering School Board

  • George H. Bayless 2422 S Patterson Blvd 45409
  • Michael C. Bock 3808 LeFevre Dr. 45429
  • James A. Brown 5361 Oakbend Cir. 45440
  • Julie Ann Gilmore 4171 Brookdale Dr Kettering 45429
  • Frank C. Maus 181 Greendale Dr Kettering 45429

Here are the addresses of the candidates for Kettering City Council

  • Timothy Mark Allison 2067 Lakewood Dr Apt. A Kettering 45420
  • Amy Schrimpf 4573 James Madison Trail N. Kettering 45440
  • Edward M. Smith 532 Judith Dr. Kettering 45429
  • Frank Spolrich 750 Ingersol Dr Kettering 45429
  • Debbie Waker 4271 Maricarr Dr Kettering 45429
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