DaytonOS Scheduled To Interview Joe Lacey

DaytonOS is scheduled to interview Joe Lacey this Saturday, October 27. Our intention is to make a video of the interview and then to post the video here, the DaytonOS web-site.

One of the goals of DaytonOS is to provide for the Miami Valley an alternative to the main stream media. We feel that video is often the type of media that is most effective and, therefore, DaytonOS wants to help individuals in the Dayton area, who have a message to deliver, to produce videos. Our interview with Mr. Lacey will be our first video production.

Mr. Lacey is a current member of The Dayton Board of Education and, in this year’s Dayton Board election, Lacey is actively working for the election of a slate of three board candidates. Lacey, along with the School Board candidates he is advocating, has been the very harshly criticized by The Dayton Daily News.

Ellen Belcher wrote:

  • Lacey wants to expand his influence, and is trying to help Taylor, Crisp and Nerny get elected. As a majority and a team, they’d be a disaster.
  • It’s going to be a long, embarrassing four years if the wrong people win.
  • School board contests could be debacle

The the newspaper’s editorial, “Dayton school board: Keep incumbents Gallin, Massoud, Mims, Thompson on board,” wrote:

  • Seeing an opportunity, Joe Lacey, a disruptive school board member who isn’t up for re-election, is working to elect three people who conceivably would support his meddling.
  • Mr. Lacey cannot be allowed to succeed. Some people can still remember when Dayton’s school board was an utter embarrassment and had competing factions that sucked energy out of the good people in leadership jobs. In recent memory, the board has had at least a majority of earnest members who cared foremost about Dayton’s children.
  • If Mr. Lacey’s choices win, the community — not just Dayton — could take a huge step backward. Dayton’s schools have plenty of problems; the city and community don’t need to be defined by a board that’s taking its cues from Mr. Lacey. He is thoroughly political, he doesn’t work well with others and he goes off on tangents that are meaningless or unimportant.
  • The election of Ms. Gallin, Ms. Massoud and Mr. Mims is critically important. Without them — and if Mr. Lacey’s influence is expanded — a struggling district likely will have even more struggles.
  • Ms. Crisp, who was recruited to run by another board member, Joe Lacey, is extremely critical of the school district. She opposed the May levy, she is against year-round school, and she particularly objects to tearing down Wilbur Wright Middle School near her home.
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