Bush’s $46 Billion War Funding Request Brings This Year’s Total War Funding to $196.4 Billion

This Article is from the Washington Post, written by Peter Baker:

President Bush challenged Congress to another clash over the direction of the Iraq war yesterday as he asked lawmakers for $46 billion more to pay for overseas military operations and insisted that they approve it by the end of the year…

The latest spending proposal brings the total current fiscal year request for Iraq, Afghanistan and counterterrorism operations to $196.4 billion, by far the largest annual tally since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. If approved by Congress in its entirety, it would bring the total appropriated since then to more than $800 billion. At their current rate, war appropriations could reach $1 trillion by the time Bush leaves office, a total that by some measures would exceed the cost of the Korean and Vietnam wars combined.

The Democrats who won control of Congress last year on the back of public opposition to the Iraq war instantly denounced Bush’s spending plan and ridiculed him for seeking so much for the conflicts after vetoing the expansion of a children’s health insurance program just weeks earlier. But Bush’s proposal will force Democrats to confront the politically volatile choice of again following his lead or refusing to provide everything he wants.

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