Advice To Rob Klepinger: Make Your Passion For Democracy The Message Of Your Campaign

This is my note giving advice to Rob Klepinger, Democrat seeking election to the U. S. Congress to represent Ohio’s 10th District — Montgomery and Greene Counties. Rob is challenging the Republican incumbent, Mike Turner, congressman for the 10th (formerly the 3rd) for 12 years. Rob is 46 years old. He currently is employed as a high school chemistry teacher at a public high school. He has worked as a teacher for the last twenty years.

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Rob Klepinger, Democratic candidate seeking election to congress to represent Ohio’s 10th District

Motivation is tough to discern, but, as I study your campaign, it seems to me that what drove you to seek election to the U. S. Congress is your passion for democracy. Your banner on Facebook says “Congressman For The People,” and in your you-tube interview with David Esrati you indicate that your big motivation to seek election to congress was your frustration at the thought that the incumbent, Mike Turner, might run unopposed.

There is wide-spread concern that our democracy is failing to solve problems and failing to plan for the future. If you could communicate your passion for democracy, your concern that our democracy is failing, you could gain the attention of a lot of “persuadable” voters who believe that the dysfunction of Washington — the ineptitude, corruption and partisan posturing — is caused by the dysfunction of our democracy. Many of these “persuadables” are looking for a point of view that offers an alternative to partisan posturing.

The 10th District would make a great battleground for a pro-democracy movement. Your message should be that a person elected to the U. S. Congress has the big responsibility of providing leadership to the District that he or she represents. You should show how your experience as a teacher has given you a lot of experience in leadership and make the point that an effective teacher is an effective leader.

Importantly, to gain credibility you must show a plan for leadership that, if elected, you will implement. You could post that plan here on DaytonOS. Such a plan would show, for example, how the work of congress would be made transparent and understandable. It would show a strategy to encourage public discussion and public education about matters of civic importance. Such a plan of your intentions would make a vivid contrast to the record of Turner’s behavior.

In summary, here is my unsolicited advice: In these last few weeks, make your message the fact that you are passionate about democracy. People are attracted to passion.  Make a plan for leadership that will be compelling in its imagination and scope. Post that plan here on DaytonOS.


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4 Responses to Advice To Rob Klepinger: Make Your Passion For Democracy The Message Of Your Campaign

  1. fred schindler says:

    Rob is a sincere candidate fighting an uphill battle against Turner and Republican big money.

  2. Mike Bock says:

    Fred, I agree with your comment.

    In this post, in order to have a stronger campaign, I’m urging Rob to emphasize a message that communicates what is driving him to make this election effort. His motivation is his passion for democracy. His best chance of attracting voters to his candidacy, I believe, is to communicate his concerns about democracy, and to publish a plan — one that contrasts with Turner’s record — for how, if elected, he will conduct himself as a representative.

  3. Ron Hall says:

    I met Rob last week at the Dayton Democrat Club. He is a person I would love to see in congress. He was very positive of the things he would like to change. He has an up hill battle against Turner.I wish him all the best.

  4. Mike Bock says:

    Ron — Thanks for commenting. Sorry that I missed the last South of Dayton Democratic Club meeting.

    I’ve spoken with Rob Klepinger a couple of times and, I agree with you, Rob is a person I would love to see in congress and in a perfect world, voters would choose Rob over Mike Turner. The 10th District is huge — about 700,000 citizens — so communicating a message is a big challenge. The 10th District, of Ohio’s 16 districts, is the most competitive and, given Turner’s miserable record, it should be winnable. The MCDP has neglected doing any of the grass roots organizational building that would be needed to win the district. Candidates are on their own to build an organization, raise money, etc.
    Sharen Neuhardt made a great effort two years ago, but had little support from a Democratic Party infrastructure, because such an infrastructure is mostly missing. At the reorganization meeting this year, out of 360 possible delegates, there were only about 90 who attended the meeting.

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