Web-site Seeks Donations To Fund Three “Beat Boehner Billboards”

The Crooks and Liars web-site have announced their goal to raise enough money to place three large billboard’s in John Boehner’s home district — Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  This is one of the six choices.

Boehner is the Republican leader in the U. S. House of Representatives. The site reports, “Our push to buy as many as three billboards in Boehner’s district has been doing incredibly well. Both the AFL-CIO and PFAW have been ecstatic at the results so far and are helping to fund this endeavor along with you.is raising money to buy.”

The Democratic candidate challenging Boehner is 35 year old, West Point graduate, Justin Coussoule.  Two weeks ago, DaytonOS posted excerpts of an extensive interview with Coussoule:  Dems’ Candidate For Congress, Justin Coussoule, Says He Can Win 8th District — Calls Boehner “An Embarrassment”

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