Former Dayton congressman Tony Hall was the featured speaker at Montgomery County Democrats annual “Frolic For Funds” fund raiser last Thursday, March 29. Hall said that in his work addressing world hunger, he had eight opportunities to meet Mother Teresa. He said the first time he met her, Mother Teresa explained her mission. Asking the congressman to stretch out his hand, she took his hand and counted these five words on his thumb and fingers: “For the least of these.”

Hall said he has always been proud to be a Democrat because Democrats care about the poor.

Hall said that he was deeply moved by what he saw in Calcutta, almost to the point of despair and Mother Teresa told him that not everyone can come to Calcutta, but everyone can, “Do the thing that is in front of you.” Hall built on those words in his short talk and said that Democrats in Dayton have much to be proud of for making the city better and for making people’s lives better.

Hall said that the task before us to make the world a better place seems too enormous and said that at one time a newspaper reporter said to Mother Teresa that what she was accomplishing was just a “drop in the bucket.” She corrected him, that, “It is just a drop in the ocean.” But, she said, “If I didn’t do it, it would be one less drop.”

Hall was congressman for the Dayton area for 24 years. After he left congress, he served as “United States Ambassador to the United Nations for Food and Agriculture” from 2002 to 2006.

In 1993, Hall fasted for 22 days as protest for congress turning away from its work to help world hunger.

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