Robert Reich Calls Obama’s Oval Office Speech “Vapid,” A Missed Opportunity

Robert Reich has joined the chorus of those expressing disappointment in President Obama’s oval office speech, calling it “vapid.”  Says Reich, “His (Obama’s) words hung in the air with all the force of a fundraiser for your local public access TV station.”

Reich believes that “we are approaching a turning point as a nation,” and he is frustrated that Obama is not showing leadership

Says Reich, “The top executives of powerful corporations are pursuing profits in ways that menace the nation. We have not seen the likes since the late nineteenth century when the robber barons of finance, oil, railroads and steel ran roughshod over America. Now, as then, they are using their wealth and influence to buy off legislators and intimidate the regions that depend on them for jobs. Now, as then, they are threatening the safety and security of our people.”

Reich urges, “Our president must tell is like it is — not with rancor but with the passion and conviction of a leader who recognizes what is happening and rallies the nation behind him.”

Reich entitled his blog post: Obama’s Address to the Nation: A Missed Opportunity to Tell It Like It Is

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