MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: “John Boehner Is The Poster Child For The Out Of Touch, Elite Republican Party”

Ed Schultz, host of “The Ed Show” on MSNBC, in a recent show, spared no words in ridiculing Republican minority leader, John Boehner, saying Boehner is the “poster child for the out of touch, elite, Republican Party.”

Shulz played the ad prepared by Blue America Pac showing the amazing statistics of how much golf Boehner plays each year (over 100 rounds), and how much money, each year, he spends on golf.  The ad states: “For those who want an out of touch golfer for a congressman there is  John Boehner, for everyone else there is Justin Coussoule.”

About Boehner, Shultz said, “He’s kicked the American worker in the teeth of health care, unemployment benefits — and wants Americans to be 70 years old before being eligible for Social Security.”

Shultz played a clip of Boehner appearing on “Meet the Press,” aired on August 8, which showed the host, David Gregory, becoming increasingly exasperated by Boehner’s refusal to reply to Alan Greespan’s view that it is wrong to extend the Bush tax cuts with borrowed money.

MR. GREGORY: …I’m sorry, you’re — that — you’re not, you’re not being responsive to a specific point, which is how can you be for cutting the deficit  and also cutting taxes , as well, when they’re not paid for?

MR. GREGORY: I just want to clarify this. I mean, if you — I’m relying on what Chairman Greenspan  said.  … He says that tax cuts  that aren’t paid for are not — they are not cutting the deficit , that they are not actually paid for, it’s borrowed money . And so do you believe tax cuts  pay for themselves or not?

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4 Responses to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: “John Boehner Is The Poster Child For The Out Of Touch, Elite Republican Party”

  1. Robert Vigh says:

    MSNBC should rename themselves Democrat News. They are no where near neutral, nor do they pretend to be. To use an MSNBC broadcast as the basis for an article is redundant propaganda. But, I guess that is how it all feeds together.

    Democrats rally, if we get enough people we can vitalize our democracy and make people pay our healthcare. Make people pay our retirement. Make people pay us for not working!!!

    Give me a break. Then, because the man is wealthy and plays golf he is wrong? What kind of retarded broadcast do we rely on these days?

    Have you ever watched Rachel Maddow play an interview and then repeat what was just said, but insert a few extra words to completely change the meaning? I watch MSNBC when I want to watch a train wreck.

  2. Mike Bock says:

    Robert, I guess I have to agree with your assessment that, “To use an MSNBC broadcast as the basis for an article is redundant propaganda,” but I think it is newsworthy, and worth discussing, that for the first time John Boehner has an opponent, in Justin Coussoule, who is getting national attention and who has the background and personal qualities that give him the potential to stir up a grassroots movement — one that could feasibly result in an upset.

    I agree that it would be a mistake for Coussoule to make too much of Boehner’s love for golf. Coussoule needs to put together a plan for leadership that contrasts with Boehner’s established record, and, so far, I don’t see such a plan.

    I believe if our democracy had any vitality, the voters of the 8th district would retire Boehner. My issue is: Can we make our democracy work?

    No, I don’t watch Maddow or Schultz, because, in disgust at the cable company, I now only have free TV — and what I find on the internet.

  3. Kevin S. says:

    Ed Schultz is the worst person at MSNBC to look to for accuracy. He seems to be in the business of collecting “Pants on Fire” ratings from Politifact. He looks like one of the few liberal pundits to be as dishonest as 90% of the Fox News staff.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I have met and listened to Justin Coussoule on a couple occasions and came away quite impressed. In my humble opinion he’s the first credible opponent John Boehner has ever faced.

    I’ve looked at his website extensively and researched his background on the web. He has formally stated his position on the issues clearly. Look at “On the Issues” from his website

    Agree, or don’t agree, with him but his plan for leadership is quite evident if you take the time to review it.

    What I would like is for someone to tell me what Boehner has done for the 8th Congressional District in the 20 odd years in office?

    His claim to fame is “No” to all earmarks, which in my mind only harms the constituents of the 8th district. However, when it comes to earmarks for other Republican districts he needs to keep his leadership position, he’s more than supportive. He maintains his leadership position by ensuring he will never use that position to “bring home the bacon” for his long suffering constituents. Boehner is consistently willing to sacrifice the well being of the people in his district to further his selfish career.

    Today as we speak Boehner has raised more than $6 million for his campaign. Does he plan to spend this massive war chest in his district and maybe create a few jobs. No! He feels save and secure. He plans to help finance other Republican races across the country, thus guaranteeing his elevation to Speaker of the House next January.

    Please, somebody, anybody, tell me what Boehner has done for the 8th district?

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