Last Chance To Be Elected To MCDP Central Committee — Deadline To Be A Write-In Candidate Is Feb 26

The final deadline to seek election to the Central Committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Party is Monday, February 26 at 4:00 PM, the last chance to become a write-in candidate. Becoming a write-in candidate requires submitting this form with your signature and correct precinct name.

As a write-in candidate, your name will not appear on the ballot. For your election to be certified, you will need to receive at least five votes. The names of Democrats who met the February 7 deadline — submitting a petition with at least five signatures — will appear on the ballot for the May 8 Democratic Primary.

Each precinct can elect one member to the MCDP Central Committee. Of the county’s 360 precincts, the list posted at the Board of Elections shows that only 109 precincts will have at least one candidate on the ballot. Ten of these precincts have two candidates, and two have three candidates. So far, there are only two write-in candidates. This means that as it stands now, 249 precincts in the county will have no elected member of the Central Committee. You can check to see if your precinct has a candidate in this list. After the May 8 Primary, individuals may be appointed to the Central Committee, but only elected members are eligible to vote in the Reorganization Meeting.

The MCD Reorganization Meeting happens every four years — after the election of the MCDP Central Committee. It usually occurs the last week in May. At the Reorganization Meeting, by majority vote of those in attendance, MCDP officers are selected and revisions, if any, are made to the MCDP Constitution and by-laws.

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